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Retreat structure

How does a typical day at Pathfinder Leadership retreat look like?

The programme is designed to go beyond instruction, psychometrics and traditional learning strategies. It is a residential and experiential programme that combines approaches from psychology, self-development and executive coaching.

The programme focuses on uncovering your identity and role in the world, challenging you and your beliefs about how you see yourself and your role in the system you operate in. You will identify the path to your unique contribution and make the most profound impact.

See below an example of how a typical day at the retreat could be structured:


  • Waking up the body, mind & voice
  • Breakfast
  • Peer connection in sub-groups
  • Check in
  • 1st Session

Lunch & time for self


  • 2nd Session
  • Dinner with global perspectives
  • 3rd session
  • Reflective practice

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